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Things To Do At Sleepovers

Things to do at sleepovers

There are countless things to do at sleepovers, making them a favorite pastime for many kids. Sleepovers offer a chance for children to socialize and bond with their friends in a unique and relaxed environment. They allow kids to break…

Toy Review: Make-A-Fort Named 2023 NAPPA Award Winner

Toy Review 2023 NAPPA Award Winner

The Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit was named a winner of the National Parenting Product Awards for 2023.  NAPPA conducted a toy review and recognized Make-A-Fort’s commitment to providing quality and innovative building toys for children. “We’re thrilled to receive the NAPPA 2023…

Fort Ideas for Kids and Adults Alike

Fort Ideas for Kids and Adults

For many of us, building a fort was a staple of childhood. Whether it was a blanket fort, a pillow fort, or a cardboard fort, the process of creating a secret hideaway was a thrilling experience. As we grow older,…

Building Toys Benefit Children’s Development

Toddler using blocks as Building Toys

Discover how building toys can enhance your child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Encourage creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, and boost problem-solving skills with building toys. Toys that children can build with encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to…

Toys for 8 Year Old Boys: Ideas for Fun Presents

Toys for 8 year old boys

Eight-year-old boys are at a unique stage of development, with an increasing interest in the world around them and a desire to explore and learn through play. When choosing toys for this age group, it’s important to consider a balance…

Launch of New Explorer Kit Product

Today, we are launching our new Explorer Kit fort building kits. Both the new Explorer Kits and the original Build Kits allow building really big forts but the new Explorer Kit adds two more panels (20 instead of 18), adds…

Fun Outdoor Activities For Your Kids

When the weather is good, and your kids just keep on playing on their gadgets, it is time to convince your children to play outside. However, children may be somewhat hesitant to leave the house for playtime. They choose to…

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